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Welcome. My name is Amanda Perl and I am a BACP Accredited Counsellor, Psychotherapist, CBT, DBT Practitioner and Supervisor. Fully insured. BUPA and Cigna Provider. DBS Certificate holder. Call or text +44 (0)7976 545775 email amandaperl1@icloud.com or click here.

What do you need from therapy?

Are you feeling lost, sad or lonely? Jealous, fearful, guilty or ashamed? Stressed from work or lack of work? Are you missing opportunities, failing at business? Worrying about money, bills, redundancy? Anxious, critical, unkind and angry losing your temper with yourself or loved ones? Lying compulsively? Do relationships feel tricky? Stress unmanageable? Perhaps you lack assertiveness yet control others whilst secretly gambling, spending, drinking or using cocaine? Do you feel preoccupied with eating or Not eating. Obsessed with image, perfectionism and self-monitoring? Is it difficult to start the day? Does it feel easier to numb painful emotions from bereavement or loss? Do you take too much responsibility for the actions or well-being of others? On the other hand, you may sometimes feel as if too many people depend upon you? Are you disconnected from your feelings? Cemented in isolation and drawn into escapism? Or on the other hand are you and your loved one stuck in rows, conflict and unhappiness?

Offering a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space where you can share and explore present and past experiences, express thoughts and feelings gaining personal awareness, enjoy a better quality of life, robust mental health, improved well-being and positive relationships with friends, parents, siblings, children and work.

Helping you with anxiety, paranoid anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, depression,  stress, work-related stress, redundancy, bereavement, trauma, PTSD, OCD, phobias, anger management, personality disorders, eating disorders including obesity, bulimia and anorexia, body dysmorphia, physical and sexual abuse, sexuality, addiction(s) including substance misuse, alcohol, compulsive lying, codependency, affairs and betrayals, sex and porn, internet, gambling and gaming in addition to parent, couple and relationship issues specialising in couples caught up in a cycle of emotional abuse.

Life begins on the other side of despair” Jean-Paul Sartre.

I believe each of us is unique with the potential for growth and development and can move forward in our own way. Your motivation to change and our client-therapist relationship is the key to healing.

My practice is all about fitting you to the therapy, not the other way round. Life experience has provided a deep understanding of how individual we are with our own unique story to tell. Our reasons for seeking therapy and desire to move away from stuck patterns are all different. However, our requirements are all the same. That we feel listened to and properly heard, understood and guided through emotional turmoil. There are no essentials or absolutes so why can any of us be expected to be understood by a single theory, style of therapy or helped by one specific therapeutic approach?


Additional Roles

Supervisor. CPD Trainer. Previous roles include University Lecturer, Forensic Psychology and Counselling. Tutor and Course Lead for a Stage 4 BACP Gold Standard Accredited Counselling Diploma, Clinical Lead, Team leader, Group Facilitator, Domestic Violence Lead, Trainer, Developer and Lead on Transtheoretical and Structured Day care programmes. Specific Substance Misuse and Alchohol Recovery Service Programmes set up within large London Boroughs. Outpatient Department delivering long-term Psychotherapy at the Department of Psychotherapy & Art Psychotherapy. Focus on Personality Disorders including Borderline, Narcissistic, Antisocial, Histrionic and Obsessive. Jointly commissioned third sector Charity/NHS and Dual Diagnosis Service, bipolar and schizophrenia. Delivering training in therapeutic relationship, group dynamics, facilitation and interventions including harm reduction delivered to Probation and other Offender Services within the Criminal Justice System.

Type of therapy

My philosophy is Humanistic-Existential and Person-Centred. Integrating interventions that best suit you including Transactional Analysis, Schema Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), recommended under the NICE Guidelines, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Psychodynamic, Systemic, Transpersonal and Gestalt alongside Mindfulness practice.

Training Available
Equality and Diversity training, Group Dynamics, Change Management, Staff Management, Communication and Presentations, Discourse Analysis, Managing Challenging Behaviour, School Staff INSET days, Seminars, Conferences. CPD in Personality Disorders, Mindfulness, Addictions, Anxiety and Disordered Eating. New CPD Workshops here. Bookings also now via Eventbrite


Registered / Accredited

Call or text  +44 (0)7976 545775 email amandaperl1@icloud.com or click here.